Nov 2020 Lunch Meeting PPRBD

Save the date!  A crowd favorite returns to ASHRAE!

PPRBD will present their annual round table discussion at Pikes Peak ASHRAE on Nov 10.  This will be an opportunity to hear about how to best navigate PPRBD under COVID conditions, and you could probably talk them into answering your questions about any code topics or plan review best practices that interest you.  While our guest speakers will appear via Teams, this will be a live discussion and they will be available for Q&A.

Please see the attached flyer for more details, but here are a few nuggets:

11:30a – arrival, nametags, food is available; can jump in via Teams for virtual attendees

11:45a – announcements and welcome

11:55a – start presentation by our featured speakers, virtually via Teams (Teams invite will be sent separately, soon)

1:00p – dismiss

We are looking forward to getting together.

Please RSVP prior to the deadline, or you may go hungry!

2020-2021 CTTC Schedule

October: Distinguished Lecturer Dr Torcellini “Creating a World of Zero Energy Buildings”

November: PPRBD Roundtable

December: Pikes Peak ASHRAE Christmas Party

January: TBD

February: Distinguished Lecturer (Engineer’s Week)

March: Refrigeration Tour

April: TBD

May: RetroCommissioning