Pikes Peak ASHRAE March Meeting Flyer 3-29-18

This presentation will focus on two legal problems professionals might       face:   Civil Lawsuits and Licensing Board/Disciplinary Proceedings. We will discuss how the two vary and how there may be some overlap between     the two. The process of a lawsuit will be discussed including, how long the process takes, what the process entails, what the outcomes can be, & how long it typically takes. Likewise, the process of a Licensing Board Disciplinary Proceeding  will  be examined including, how the process can start, what  the process entails, how long it takes and the potential outcomes.

Speaker Biography

MICHAEL WATTS  is a partner with Retherford, Mullen & Moore.  Michael handles cases in multiple practice areas including, General Insurance Defense, Professional Liability Defense, Employment Law Defense, and Bad Faith Litigation. Michael also  represents Licensed Professionals in Actions brought against them by State LicensingBoards or in Lawsuits filed against them. Michael’s favorite part of being an attorney is trial. He has tried multiple cases over the years, taken and defended hundreds oflay and expert witness depositions, prepared and argued motions and litigated  countless cases.