President’s Message

I am excited to be your Chapter President in 2019-20.  Since I came to Colorado in 2015, ASHRAE has provided me with education, networking, and great value to my career like no other organization could in years past.  I want to thank the Chapter- as a whole – for being active and welcoming to all new members as we continue on into 2020.

What I am most excited about is our People.  “To serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields.”  That is Our Mission Statement.  ASHRAE is for the People, by the People.  We have a great Board of Governors who are willing and able to step up and provide the best presentations, social events, and are getting involved in our community and our industry.  They volunteer for the good of the Chapter and this is motivating for me as it should be for everyone.  September and October led off with great presentations by the Regional Building Department and SBSA owner, Ed Fronapfel, who was a structural engineer that took us back to school!  The Future does not disappoint, packed with more technical presentations, technical tours, and our elegant Christmas Dinner!  All of our Chairs are striving for new highs on our PAOE points and it is our goal to beat all year’s past.

We will be hosting 13 Regions in our beautiful surroundings this summer for the Chapter Regional Conference.   We are looking forward to showing our visitors why we take pride in our small chapter and the Pikes Peak Region.  This CRC 2020 will not disappoint!

Mike Van Den Heuvel

President – Michael Van Den Heuvel

Vice President – Mark Penchhoff

Treasurer – Keagen Cothern

Secretary – Dane Oates

CTTC –  Carrie E Sparks

Research Promotion – Mike Filler

Membership – Casey N. Bertelsman

Website Communication – Ashley Davis

Historian – Elaine Gutierrez

Grass Roots – Ashley Davis

Student Activities – Corey Chinn

YEA – Brandon Howell

Looking forward to a great year!!!

ASHRAE 2018-2019 Past President

Micah Perez

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  1. Ashley Davis says:

    Our meetings are the third Thursday of the month, September through May.

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