Chapter Leadership


  • President: Micah Perez
  • Vice President: Mike Van Den Heuvel
  • Treasurer: Keagen Cothern
  • Secretary: Mark Penchoff


  • Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA):
    • Chair: Brandon Howell
  • Research Promotion:
    • Chair:
  • Student Activities:
    • Chair: Corey Chinn
  • Grassroots Government Activities:
    • Chair: Ramon Teran
  • Membership Promotion:
    • Chair: Maggie Robinson
  • Electronics Communications and Webmaster:
    • Chair: Ashley Davis
  • Chapter Technology Transfer (CTTC):
    • Chair: Annette Skok
  • Historian: Elaine Gutierrez
  • Special Events:
    • Chair: Annette Skok

2 Responses to Chapter Leadership

  1. Kasey Abbott says:

    Tyler Glesne and I would like to know if it work for the Chapter, if we did are Chapter visit on Oct 18. It would be to provide assistance with planning your CRC, also Tyler has some other official work to do. Let me know if that date works.

  2. I have been referred to your organization by Dr. Pete Jenkins and would like to take advantage of the information and services you offer. I bought a lunch ticket to attend a meeting scheduled today February 21st at the Pikes Peak Library. I cannot confirm if you are having a meeting nor the agenda of this meeting. Please advise before I travel to attend…thanks Tom

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