Chapter Leadership


  • President: Mike Van Den Heuvel
  • Vice President: Mark Penchoff
  • Treasurer: Keagen Cothern
  • Secretary: Dane Oates


  • Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA):
    • Chair: Brandon Howell
  • Research Promotion:
    • Chair: Mike Filler
  • Student Activities:
    • Chair: Corey Chinn
  • Grassroots Government Activities:
    • Chair: Ashley Davis
  • Membership Promotion:
    • Chair: Casey Bertelsman
  • Electronics Communications and Webmaster:
    • Chair: Ashley Davis
  • Chapter Technology Transfer (CTTC):
    • Chair: Carrie Sparks
  • Historian: Elaine Gutierrez
  • Special Events:
    • Chair: Carrie Sparks

2 Responses to Chapter Leadership

  1. Michael Fink says:

    Hello Mike Van Den Heuvel:
    We met last week at the ASHRAE Christmas Party and I will be taking a Resolution to City Council i Fountain for Engineers Week at the January 28 2020 City Council Meeting. Harry Dougherty, president of the Pikes Peak Chapter of NSPE-CO will be in attendance and you are welcome to attenda and thank the Council for their recognition as well.

  2. Scot Ciantar says:


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